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Self Care Routines I’m Adopting

In 2018 I really need to focus more on self care.  This isn’t a “I want to do this” it’s more of “I have to”.  My stress kind of got out of control near the end of last year and I think it stemmed from so so many places that I really need to address what a toll it has taken on my health and relationships.  There’s the classic stressors: being dependent on technology, not reaching goals, you know the type.  But there’s also a few that I am really really working on like some of the things that have been adding a lot of stress to my friendships.  I’m not going to say this is a “top 10 ways” or even give it a number, this is truly the self care routines I am adopting this year, and everyone’s self care looks different.

Tech Free Hour a Day

It stresses me out how much I am on my phone and although I’ve been working on this for years, I know I attach myself more to technology when I am stressed, which stresses me out more.  Getting away for a while will not only open up my time for accomplishing other goals and more self-care routines, but it will remove the constant stress of notifications and being constantly available to people.

A Book A Month

I love reading and it’s a great way to end my days right before bed.  It prevents me from scrolling on my phone in bed and helps occupy my mind with something new, which is definitely needed.  The goal is a book a month (not much for some people but I do my best) but some may go quicker or slower (this 400 page psychology book is taking quite some time).  I would love to dedicate an hour every Sunday to pure reading time and 15-20 minutes a night.

Burn Candles Consistently

I love having my room scented with lavender or eucalyptus, or pretty much any other scent.  It’s a calming experience to have a scent to associate with comfort and being in my house.  Currently, I’m burning one of those candles that crackles like a real fire, I’m so heart eyes over it.  I also have my beloved wax warmer on a rotation of yummy mixed scents.

Take My Vitamins!

I recently started a little vitamin regimen that is supposed to help headaches and I am desperate for help with my headaches so it’s super important that I never forget to take my vitamins.  Even if they don’t cure my headaches, they’re doing good for my body in other ways!


This is always on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list but I really notice that my hydration correlates with stress levels and can help when I’m feeling anxious.  This of course helps with a multitude of health issues (as well as those headaches!) so I’m aiming for 2 big water bottles a day.

Take Pamper Time More Often

Face masks, baths, painting my nails.  They’re all great ways to take my mind off stressors and take time to properly relax (no phone) and watch a show.

If you’re curious about some of my other self care routines for when I am overwhelmed, you can check out this post I wrote last spring and actually go back to pretty often. This year is really the year I need to start taking a lot of time for myself and stop letting stress get in the way of my health, so here’s to a year of self care!

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