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Links I Love April 2018

I took a little time away from the Internet and it ended up being longer than I planned so there was no links I love post for March but I really love reading blogs and sharing the ones I love so I thought this would be the perfect post to get some of my motivation back for blogging.  I find a lot of inspiration through other blogs, sometimes a word or phrase catches my eye and I come up with an idea or the blog layout inspires a stroke of creativity.  The best way to get everything you can out of the blogging community is by giving everything you can to the blogging community.

Some posts on thinking… and overthinking

This one from sophar so good hits home with me as a blogger and just in my day to day life.  It’s tricky to find the balance between wanting to do things well and do them right and not overthinking until I find myself doing nothing to avoid doing something wrong. This post was a little reminder that none of us are alone in this and a reminder to say goodbye to self doubt!

At the end of this post by The July Rose about overthinking, she has a little list of things that help her get out of that overthinking mindset.  Exercise is the top one for her and it definitely has been for me too.  Once I finally decided to commit to doing some exercise at least 4 times a week, I began feeling more confident, brighter, and overall better about myself.  And in the moment while I’m in the zone working out I shut off my brain and focus on what I’m doing, especially since when I get anxious usually all I want to do is something active and get out of my head.

From Roses always has life content I enjoy and relate to, this post about dropping worries resonated with me as I’ve been feeling off and a little low the past few weeks.  Learning not to worry about being an introvert surrounded by extroverts was a massive weight off my mind once I learned to accept that but now I’ve found myself dwelling on the past.  It’s a feeling I do not enjoy and am going to be more conscious about dropping.

Some posts on ways of life…

This post from Sophie Cliff caught my eye so quickly, I love the idea of living slowly and intentionally and I really enjoy cutting down on TV and phone usage some days or weeks so I can read, get outside, or do anything more productive!  I’m definitely looking into the rest of the challenge and will be doing the slow living challenge for myself!

Media Marmelade has such pretty photos with every post and this one on coping mechanisms for stress outlines some great ways to destress, plus a few recommendations for headache/migraine relief, which I am always open to.

It’s always very motivating for me to read other people’s goal posts and this one by Simply Abbi I really enjoyed.  A lot of her goals are similar to mine so it’s easy to get re-inspired when I can get a different point of view on it and recommit.  Her point about putting happiness as a bigger priority and finding the things that bring us joy, like I’m doing with the things that I love.

Some beauty posts to lighten things up…

We all love a good beauty post and here a few that I loved reading this month, with beautiful products, gorgeous photos, and all the types of goodies that find themselves in my Sephora cart online.

The photos on The Beauty Lookbook are always stunning and these are some of my favorites to date.  I’m so happy Marc Jacobs beauty became more popular to see on blogs because they have some photogenic products and stunning shades, especially the eyeshadow in this post!

Caked To The Nines did a short and to the point “what you need to know” about the new Glossier launch that I’ve been waiting on for years.  This mascara sounds so up my alley for day-to-day and I can’t wait to place an order for a tube.

And one from YouTube!  I’ve followed Steph Toms on Twitter for ages but never watched any of her YouTube videos until this week and I really love them!  They’re my new go-to for videos to watch while I’m getting ready or need some new drugstore makeup recommendations!

Writing this post and reading tons of blogs to find all these amazing links to share really inspired me a lot with future content.  I really hope you enjoy at least a few of these awesome links, they brought me a lot of inspiration and refreshed my creativity so I hope they can do the same for you.