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Ways I’m Doing More of What I Love

It’s been 4 months since the start of the year and it’s starting to feel like it’s flying by.  Everyone says it; it kicks off every blog post this time of year, but it’s true.  I can confidently lay out a timeline of the next 5 months and saying it all in under a minute makes the time feel like it’s going too fast.  Exactly a month ago, I was gearing up to leave on the trip I’ve been hoping to go on my whole life.  And now that it’s been 20 days since I got home, I fully realize how quickly time does pass.

It’s been quiet on the blog lately.  I know that, I acknowledge and accept that.  But what I don’t want to accept is the fact that I feel so lost with the content I’m thinking about producing and I have no motivation to get out there and take photos.  I have ideas of what I want to say but no pictures to help me tell the stories.  Tonight I opened up my blog homepage and searched up my 2018 goals to refresh my sense of purpose.  One of my goals for this year is to spend a lot more time doing the things that I enjoy.  Those things include spending time out in nature, trying new foods, reading, coloring, reading blogs and watching movies.  They include going to concerts, visiting and talking to friends I don’t get to see often, getting dressed up and cuddling in with a cozy blanket.

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m taking a lot more time to do the things I love, the things that bring me joy.  I’ve worked my way through an entire pack of pens for coloring and a coloring book.  Coloring has become therapeutic to me.  It makes me smile and allows my mind a little break from the stresses I face.  It’s a creative outlet that I’m enjoying and I restocked on coloring pens yesterday, so I’m all ready to go.  I also have spent a lot of time reading in the past month.  I finally finished a book I started at the beginning of the year and loved it so much, and I’ve read a few other books since then.  I’m already thinking of a few books I’d like to start, but let me know if you have any suggestions.

I’ve been broadening my horizons by talking to so many new people and actively trying to be nicer, more friendly, and make new friends.  With making new friends and keeping strong bonds with people I don’t get to see often, I’ve been feeling more connected to life as a whole.  When I visited a friend a few weekends ago, I wasn’t on my phone the whole night; I was enjoying the company and laughing and talking.  I’ve started spending more time with a few people I didn’t think I would and I love it.  It brings so much joy to hold old friendships close and make new ones.

The past month has been a lot more focused on doing the things I enjoy, even if it means sacrificing the amount of Sex and the City I watch or the new series I started on Netflix.  Even if it means spending a little less time obsessing over my twitter feed and pinterest boards.  Even if it means saying no to plans I won’t enjoy, something I never used to do.  I noticed that I’ve stopped trying to multi-task, which leaves me with two half-finished and frankly half-assed tasks.  When I sit down to watch a show, that’s all I do.  And when I take time to color, I completely switch off for that time.

I learned an important lesson about myself while in Australia.  I need time.  I need time to recharge and relax.  Time to myself to do the things that quiet my mind and keep me creative.  Time in one-on-one settings and time in silence.  Time to work out and clear my head.  I need to learn how to properly allot my time so I can do the things that bring me joy.

I’m working on getting back into that routine of reading blogs regularly, pinning on pinterest and getting back on twitter.  I’ve been silent on all forms of my blog for so long, and I’m working hard to help get that motivation and passion back for it.  The past month has been a lot of learning for me and now it’s time to take that month of lessons and slowly incorporate everything I’ve set on the back burner back into my life.