10 Things I’m Determined To Do Before 2018 Ends

It’s been nearly half the year and it seems like New Year’s Eve was only last weekend.  Looking back at my goals, I realized that there’s a lot of new things I want to try before the end of the year.  I need to start pushing myself to take opportunities as they come to me and be more willing to say yes and get out of the house and do new things.  These might seem small to a lot of people but it’s more important for me to be realistic and attainable with this list than put crazy things I know I will never end up doing.

  1. Go on a road trip, no matter how small.  Even if it’s just a few hours away, there’s nothing quite like the idea of a road trip with a playlist 8 hours long and the windows down to me.
  2. Get ordained to officiate a wedding.  I feel like this will be a lot less useful than it is in TV shows but I’d still like to have the ability to officiate a wedding, just in case.
  3. Cliff diving!  This looks like so much fun and I happen to have a friend that knows a place where the cliff diving is amazing.
  4. Go stargazing for a night.  I’m absolutely in love with looking at the stars, so much that I even have a little tattoo of a constellation on my back to keep them close.  I could look at the stars for hours and I definitely plan to.
  5. Go paddle boarding at the lagoon by my house.  I’ve been paddle boarding a few times before and I love it but I’ve never been at the lagoon so I would love to check that off my list this summer!
  6. Try every single shake flavor at an ice cream shop.  There’s about 18 flavors I think so this one will take a while but I love a good shake.
  7. Have another lakefront sunrise morning.  Last summer my friends and I went down to the beach to watch the sun rise and it was such a gorgeous view and with the early morning and warm weather, it’s getting to be the perfect time to check this one off.
  8. Go to a free concert, there’s one in about a month that I’m planning on going to so I’m hoping that all works out!  I love going to concerts but making it a habit gets very expensive.  I need to start taking more advantage of the free activities around me!
  9. Keep my workout routine going for 6 months.  It’s been 3 months so far (almost to the day!) and I love the way I feel.  I won’t go on too much because I just wrote a whole post about my exercise routine.  But continuing without missing more than a few days for another 3 months would feel so great.
  10. Overhaul my diet to include more whole foods, lean proteins, good carbs, and cut out more refined sugars.  I know it’s so important to include diet when trying to see progress in fitness and work outs so I want to do some sort of one or two week challenge with this to get me going.

I’m hoping to complete most of these during the summer, before September hits and the temps start to drop.  I think you can tell that most of these are just taking advantage of what’s around me and the opportunities that are present.  I know I need to be better at saying yes to opportunities and striking that balance between getting out there and having enough time to recharge.