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What My Self Care Looks Like

I really appreciate the rise in popularity of self care.  I think it’s something that’s becoming more and more important to take time to take care of ourselves in a world that praises being busy, pushing ourselves harder and harder, and putting tasks and others above ourselves.  As an introvert in a bit of denial I struggled with making time for myself, saying no to plans, and accepting that I needed time alone to recharge.  Once I finally accepted my introverted nature and realized that I need downtime and that I thrive in one-on-one interactions and smaller groups, I became happier and enjoyed the time I spent with my friends more.  No more was I convincing myself to make plans I really didn’t want to attend, nor was I leaving no time between activities and getting exhausted.  

Self care looks so different for everyone.  Introverts’ self care looks so different from extroverts’, everyone has different hobbies, likes and dislikes that make self care for everyone look completely different.  Self care can include lighting a candle in your favorite scent, baking dozens of cookies for friends and family, taking a bath, using a face mask, reading all day or stargazing all night.  It’s the stuff that rejuvenates you and helps you take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.  Having a solid self care routine can help us reduce anxiety, create balance between obligations and the fun stuff, and enjoy healthy relationships.  This is what my self care looks like, as the quiet, book-loving, blogging, introvert that I am.

Creating an attainable fitness routine is an important part of my self care.  It makes me feel so physically good and so confident in my own skin.  We all know that eating well and working out will make us feel great but rarely do we stick with it long enough to actually feel the difference.  And leaving room for some sweets, fries, and days off is what makes this balance exactly what I need and can maintain.  Leaving room for no mistakes is a recipe for disaster, it feels like you’re fighting with yourself and ends in giving up all those goals you had your eye on!  Make the rules easier to follow (I’m eating a chocolate muffin as I type) and you’ll see how much of a difference a little balance can really make in your fitness routine.  Eating well can be so fun and easy if you shift the food you keep around you to include less cookies and more fruits.  Make easy swaps like water instead of soda and fruit for dessert and you can slowly but surely transform your diet.  The food I eat is something I’m proud of and comfortable with, I love cooking healthy food and enjoy small indulgences when I want them.

Spending time alone is also a big part of my self care as an introvert; I need that time to myself to recharge.  Recently I’ve started reading a lot more and it’s been such a great way for me to tune out of the world and get that downtime I need.  The book I’m reading right now is (shocker) Quiet (The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking) by Susan Cain.  It highlights all the amazing things about introverts that often get overlooked or even categorized as faults.  As I get further and further into this book I’m starting to appreciate my introverted nature even more, it was something I never liked about myself when I was younger but now I’m starting to realize the strengths I have.  I’ve gotten so many psychology based books and I’m cruising right on through them, it’s probably my favorite genre to read!  Over the past few months I’ve started taking a lot more naps, taking an hour to relax and watch a show or movie.  I feel a lot better when I allow myself the time to take a rest and relax for a while.

I love getting creative and have always fallen into a new creative habit when I have been stressed or bored.  From hand lettering to watercolors to blowing through a whole coloring book and pack of pens in just a few months, art has been a reliable source of comfort and joy for me ever since I was little.  Taking some time to get inspired and just freely draw or paint allows my mind to shut off for a while and focus on something low-stress and low-stakes.  If you don’t like the art you create, throw it away and grab a new piece of paper!

And something I make time for every single morning is my morning coffee/tea.  I’ve started making iced dirty chai, iced coffee, or just plain iced chai for the summer.  It’s a few minutes for me to slow down and take my time to wake up in the morning and get ready for the day.  I love a slow morning and this is the perfect way for me to start my day and get my daily dose of some caffeine.

The most important part of self care is that you are sure to make time for what you need.  Schedule in time to do what your body and mind needs, you’ll start to feel more energized and cared for in no time.  If you’re curious about a few more of my favorite ways to add some self care into your daily life, I did a post on some new additions to my routine a while ago!