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5 Reflection Questions For Changing Seasons

As I’ve been working on writing in my journal more often, I have collected questions that I think are perfect to ask yourself (or friends) during the change of the seasons. I’m starting to get that nostalgic feeling I often do during the transition from spring to summer. This is a time of change and new opportunity, let’s prepare by reflecting.

Instead of going back to normal, how can I move forward?

Once we are out of quarantine and things begin to reopen, many of our routines will return to what they were. But, we have the opportunity to start new routines and move forward instead of returning back to normal. Can you create a new, even better normal? One in which you say yes to more opportunities, appreciate the people who are vital to our communities, and are more understanding of the situations others may be in.

How can I change my thoughts to change my reality?

This one has been huge for me. What stories am I telling myself (shoutout to Almost 30 Podcast for introducing this to me) that may be influencing the way I interact with my environment or relationships? Acknowledge and let go of these stories.

Which of my actions don’t resonate with who I am? How can I consciously change these habits to reflect who I want to be?

Which patterns and routines are working for me right now? Which do I need to change?

What is the area of my life that needs most attention right now? How can I focus on this area going into the new season?

I hope you learn something new about yourself with these questions, whether just for a few moments or in a journal. Near the beginning of my quarantine experience, I wrote a few reflection questions, you can read those here. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!

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