Benefit glamboree Review!


So when I went to Ulta the other day and since my dad made a large purchase for my uncle, the lady that checked us out gave me this for free, with no benefit purchase!!

Inside is the Porefessional primer, the Coralista lip gloss, the Hoola bronzer and they’re real! mascara!


The Porefessional is really tiny but it’s enough to try it a few times which is good!  I love that this primer hides pores as well as is skin toned so it hides the dry patches and redness around my nose.


I love the Coralista gloss!  It is the perfect coral shade and is easy to layer over lipsticks!  It smells fantastic (like oranges) and the tube is a good size to carry in a purse!



As you can see, the brush has little spiky bristles on the end that help separate your lashes after you coat the with this fantastic mascara.  And the brush is everything to me!  I like that the brush doesn’t just end it has the bristles on the end as well because it helps avoid the clump that forms at the end and comes off on the lashes on the inner corner of your eye.  The formula is smooth and doesn’t clump



Although this pictures makes it look a little lighter than it actually is but pretty similar.  This bronzer isn’t too dark that you can’t use it and I love that it isn’t super shimmery.  For me, I never use bronzer so I put a little bit of loose powder on my brush then swiped it across the bronzer to make it a little lighter.

Overall, the glamboree gift was great, especially if you have never tried anything in it.  If you need to go out of your way to buy something you don’t need to get the gift, skip it.  But if you already use benefit makeup and need to repurchase something or were already planning on buying something, go for it!  My favorite was all of them, except hoola because I am not a huge bronzer girl but it was still pretty good!!