Get Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Hello lovelies, there have been so many times that all of us have been in quite a time crunch to get ready for something.  There’s always something going wrong when you’re in a rush.  These are my top tips for getting ready super quick.

Pick out your clothes as much in advance as possible.  Be it the night before or the morning of a busy day, it helps to know what you’re wearing.  Pick out accessories and shoes if you have the time beforehand.

Go with a safe hairstyle.  Something like your classic curl or a half up is easy and looks great on basically everyone.

Figure out a makeup routine now and it will be so much easier then.  Once you have a routine down it’s easy to speed it up and not forget anything.

Pack your purse.  Bring along perfume and your lipstick.  If you need to leave your house, you can always do perfume and lipstick in the car.  Remember your mints, phone and maybe some headphones.  And your keys.

These are my tips for getting ready in a hurry, what are yours?  Leave a comment below!