Subscription Boxes

My Birchbox: December 2014


Cost: $10.00 per month, $110 per year, free shipping

The rewards: Every review of a product you receive in your box, you earn 10 points. If you refer a friend and they use the link you send them, you get 50 points per person. In no time you will rack up 100 points which translates to $10.00 to use in the Birchbox shop. Only when you get 100 points do you get $10.00, if you have 60 points, you currently have $0.00 in rewards.  You can earn as much as you can save!

So here’s the deal: “Each month, you’ll receive a selection of samples that we’ve tried (and retried) ourselves. We source our samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems. The women’s subscription includes everything from skincare to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras. The men’s subscription delivers top-tier grooming products in addition to lifestyle accessories ranging from hip socks to tech accessories.”

Birchbox now allows us to pick one of our samples if we want or choose a whole box with the samples revealed.  You can opt out of choosing by selecting surprise me in the chooses.  Every month they will have a video showing us the samples to choose from and about a week later you get an email to let you choose.  This month, I can’t remember what I chose and I don’t think I got what I did choose because I got a new credit card so it was late on billing, therefore it was not guaranteed.  If, however, you are a Birchbox Ace by collecting 500 points in a calendar year, you get the choice a day earlier.

My Box:

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
Sample Size: ~0.3 oz  Value: $1.95


This hair oil is so nice, the bottle s perfect because you can actually get some of the product out and onto my hair.  It doesn’t have that much of a scent but I don’t mind because I put perfume in my hair anyway.  After I’m done with this, I will definitely fill it with perfume and use it to throw in my purse! This hair oil protects your hair against UV rays, heat, and breakage.  Perfect for the wintertime.

Borghese Brightening Makeup
Full Size,  Value: $30.00


I don’t know if you can tell, but this is giant.  Like, it’s bigger than most foundations I’ve bought and it’s to mix with your foundation.  I love the glow this gives me.  I also use it an eyeshadow for a basic shimmer.

Camille Beckman Tuscan Honey Body Butter
Sample Size: 0.25 oz  Value: $0.71


This body butter, in a perfect container, softens skin with shea butter, almond oil, and glycerin.  It doesn’t have a strong scent but it smells kind of almond-y?  Hard to explain but it goes well with an fragrance.

Mirenesse Mattefinity Lip Rouge, New York
Sample Size: 1.7 g  Value: $7.04


Because this has a very dry formula, it’s very matte but also very difficult if your lips aren’t perfect.  The color (New York) is a bright red and the applicator is curved to fit to the curve of your lips.  They advertise no lip liner needed and while I tested it, I forgot to check on it half-way through the day to see if it was true but you’ll find out if it’s in my next favorites!

Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Mask
Sample Size: 0.33 oz  Value: $9.67


This mask is made with anti-oxidant rich tea which is great for aging skin and firming and brightening in under 10 minutes.  It has quite a thin consistency and is good for about 2-3 uses.  It smells pretty good so it’s not unpleasant to have on our face.

Value: $10


A $10 gift certificate to Gap?  Merry Christmas to me!

Total Value: $59.37

  • Protecting Oil – $1.95
  • Brightnening Makeup – $30.00
  • Body Butter – $0.71
  • Matte Lip Rouge – $7.04
  • Firming Tea Mask – $9.67
  • Gap Gift Card – $10

I was considering canceling this subscription if I didn’t like this box and boy, am I glad I waited on more month.  This is the only lotion that I like that I’ve gotten because it is so small it’s easy to throw in my purse.  The lip color is super drying but I have things to aid with that.  The mask is very nice, I always love trying new masks and seeing which I like.  The hair oil is great because I have been swimming all week and this has been a life saver.  (I know, you’re thinking “Why on earth are you swimming when you keep talking about the freezing weather, Sofia?”  Well, it was my gym class last week but I am thankfully done.  It was chilly walking around all wet!)  But WOW, the value of this box!  Great deal, great products.