Happy Habits // Positivity Part II

Hello lovelies! This is another installment of my positivity series with habits to stay happy! July is the month where my blog goes positive meaning a bunch of positivity posts! You can see Positivity Part I here. Here we go with the top habits to form to be happier!


Don’t waste time, but leave time to relax. I think one of my biggest stressors is wasting time on my phone. Get right down to business and get all your work done before fully relaxing. I can honestly say that I strongly dislike the habits my phone has gotten me into. It’s hard to get going after you have been lying in bed for an hour on your phone.  But, after I finish a long task I sit down with a good meal and watch an episode of The Fosters.

Schedule time to spend time with friends or family regularly. Find a time every other week to get lunch with friends or family dinner every night to have some comfortable time to look forward to.

Do things that you enjoy every single day. If you like drawing, keep a notebook and some pencils by your bed to draw before you go to sleep or if you wake up early.  If reading fun for you, have a stack of books you want to read around. For me, I really love blogging and reading blogs so I make sure that I read and write blog posts every day. I have both the WordPress app and the Bloglovin’ app so I can read blogs while I’m in the car for a while or even in a crazy long line!

Stop caring about people’s negative opinions. If someone says something negative about a top you really love, simply disregard their comment. When you think about it, why does it matter what someone thinks about your top?  And if someone has a positive opinion?  Keep it in mind to ward off negativity!

Learn to accept compliments. Accepting compliments has helped me become happier because it has helped me realize how much my peers as well as strangers care about me. Responding with “thank you, I really appreciate it” instead of “no, I’m really not pretty,” teaches your brain that you are pretty (which you are) and to be more comfortable with your looks.

Invest in yourself. Start concentrating your money on 4 things: things that make you happy, experiences, gifts for those who truly care about you, and savings. If something you buy is complete crap and you regret buying it, you’ll waste your time thinking about how you just wasted your money, therefore making you not happy. Experiences will give you amazing memories that you can look back on and smile about for years to come. Giving gifts to people in your life will make you happy since you’re making someone so important to you happy. Saving your money will prevent impulse buys as well as give you money to spend on more experiences like traveling, concerts, and simply fun things like renting bikes with your friends for the day!

Start making plans. I think another one of my biggest stressors, if not the biggest stressor in my life is not making plans. Seriously having no plan, a shaky plan, or a plan that is bound to crumble stresses me out so much! Be the person in your friend group or family that organizes the plan to keep everyone in good spirits! For example, instead of saying ‘us three will go and meet you guys somewhere around 7, we will call you’ say ‘we are going to meet you and Shelly in front of (specific landmark) at 7’.  Notice a specific meeting place and more solid time. This gives everyone more security and makes for a more pleasant get together.

Start taking care of yourself. By eating right, exercising, and taking time to relax, your body and mind will be in better condition! Being less stressed and in better health always leads to being a bit happier.

Have any Happy Habits?  Leave a comment!


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