Flight Essentials

Most people dread the long-haul flight of a trip but it’s one of my favorite parts, a couple of hours of sitting with your music, some movies and a pillow.  I had never been on a flight longer than 5 hours until my most recent trip with one flight 7 hours and the other 9 hours and I figured out how to fix my bag with what I actually needed for the flight, these are my top flight essentials.

Flight Essentials | Born To Be Bright 

Lip balm that you like the flavor of.  My lips dry out within an hour usually so when you have the air blowing straight on your for upwards of 5 or 6 hours, you’ll need to make sure you reapply often, which is why you need to make sure you love the flavor and the formula.

Advil PM because if you begin a flight with a headache, sleeping is the only true cure.  With headache relief and a sleeping aid in one, you can’t go wrong but be sure to take this a bit before you board so you don’’t have to wait for it to kick in.

Flight Essentials | Born To Be Bright

A travel pillow was a God-send when I couldn’t get comfortable on my overnight flight. But with my travel pillow, I covered the hard edges of my seat and managed to get more comfortable.

Drink lots of water, my skin never looks duller than it does when I get off a plane and water helps restore some moisture and life to it.  Aim to drink a glass every time they bring the drink cart around, or buy a bottle after security and drink up when you want.

A bomb playlist of songs you don’t want to skip.  There’s always the playlist we have of songs we like but there is usually a solid chunk that you want to skip, so take 30 minutes at the beginning of the flight or waiting to board to pick your absolute favorites.  If you’re lazy, pick an album you’re super into and put it on repeat *5th repeat of Mind of Mine album right now, still loving it*.

Flight Essentials | Born To Be Bright

Earbuds, earbuds, earbuds.  I seriously have never left the house without earbuds and they’re the perfect way to tune out or cancel some noise without any music playing if it’s too loud to sleep.  For me, the Apple earbuds are incredibly uncomfortable so I buy mine with the soft part that goes into your ear from Target.

An open mind to new movies because there’s usually a choice of movies and TV shows for free on longer flights, but the TV shows are weak (I’m talking 2 episodes of Friends from season 10 and nothing else) so the movies are where you want to go.  The new releases category really has it going on so I picked a few movies from there before dinner so I could head to sleep when I finished eating.