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May 2016 Goals

I can’t believe it is already May, this year is flying by!  I kind of like when time goes by quickly, it means I’m keeping busy and probably am filling my time with things other than Instagram which has gotten to be a nasty habit this April.  A lot of my May 2016 goals are circling around this theme of spending my time better, let’s get started.

May 2016 Goals | Born To Be Bright

  1. Spend a lot less time on Instagram.  The last two weeks or so I have been just sitting down and scrolling through Instagram for an hour at a time, which is way out of hand.  I’d like to minimize that to a quick breeze through maybe 10 minutes a day.  Because I’ve been so attached to Instagram, I haven’t gotten anything done and I’ve put things off way too long.
  2. Eat those veggies. I used to eat a salad every single day without fail and I think I ate a total of 5 in April.  I like how good it makes me feel to eat fresh foods so I’d like to get back on the horse with eating a salad every day, or at least most days.
  3. Spend more time learning new skills.  Again, Instagram has gotten in the way of me learning to code, learning Spanish outside of class, and beginning to learn German.  Those are all things I really want to learn more about and need to dedicate more time to leaning.
  4. Do some kind of exercise.  It’s still in the low 50’s every day here so it’s not quite time for me to get out and exercise outside but I enjoy doing home workouts.  I just need to get off my lazy butt and do them.
  5. Cook more.  I recently found a ton of new recipes I really want to try but haven’t gotten to them yet to I’m looking forward to eating some new things over the next few weeks.