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July Goals 2016

I can’t believe half of this year is over, it’s gone by so fast.  As you know, every month I write a goals post to focus myself for the month on certain things. My July goals mostly are on improving my organization and getting my summer daily schedule in order.

July Goals 2016 | Born To Be Bright

  1. Finish my blog bullet journal.  I decided to make a personal one and a blog one to keep things in order but I have not started my blog one yet.  I’d love to get enough to start using it by Sunday (2 days).  Mission accepted.  Updates to follow on both.
  2. Begin my Couch To 5k.  I have a friend that wants to start running so I’d love to start doing that with her.  It’s an easy way to start running regularly with a goal in mind.
  3. Clear out my phone…again.  I’m quickly gaining on 7000 photos and I want to get it down to 6000 before the end of July.  It’s so much easier to find photos when there aren’t as many.  And I really don’t need 4 duplicates of the same thing.
  4. Use the Calm app daily.  I love that bit of time in my day to relax.  I really like the short versions of Loving-Kindness on that app, I love the 3 minute one.
  5. Cook more. I have so many recipe Pinterest boards full of amazing recipes but I never actually make them.  I want to cook once or twice a week so I can start to learn to cook and make some of that amazing food.