2 Corrector Favorites

Color correcting during your makeup routine has become a huge craze in the makeup world.  With a rainbow of different shades for covering any imperfections, it’s hard to decide what corrector you actually need.

2 Corrector Favorites | Born To Be Bright

For me, my under eyes can get dark if I was up late or didn’t get enough sleep.  I have 2 under eye correctors but I prefer Becca Under Eye Corrector because it’s peachier.  With a concealer on top, I look like I’ve slept 9 hours. THANK YOU BECCA.

I figured I should get a green concealer when I realized how much redness I have.  I have sensitive skin and redness is everywhere.  This color is also great for covering those spots that just won’t cooperate.  I decided to start with a drugstore version to see how much I actually reached for a green concealer.  This is the NYX HD Concealer in green, and all the writing has rubbed off. I definitely notice that I use less foundation when I blend this green concealer over the redness on my skin.  I don’t use it nearly every day though.  NYX is a great, they have a lot of corrector shades to choose from and they’re so inexpensive.