17 Ways to Simplify Before 2017

It’s a little scary coming up on 2017 so quickly.  In a few days it will be December then the new year follows so closely behind.  Things are moving so fast that I need to slow down and work on what’s really important to me, so come back here every day of December for a new post!  I love posting really often but I have to make sure I keep up with it so this is my challenge for myself for December.  Simplifying is something I began to adopt at the beginning of 2016 but as the year wore on I realized that I needed it to become a bigger part of my life. Getting rid of things helps me enjoy what I have, use only things I love, and be less anxious about having too much stuff surrounding me.

17 Ways to Simplify Before 2017 - Born To Be Bright

1. Shop less, and I know this can be hard for a lot of people but take a look in your makeup drawer. I have 9+ foundations so I’m not going to buy any until I finish at least 4 or if I have special circumstances. I have saved SO much money this year simply by not buying everything I kind-of want. It has also helped me build up a lot more self-control.

2. Clean out unused items, I started by cleaning out my bookshelves and donating the ones I no longer wanted. Then I went and got rid of tons of old magazines, scraps of a paper, and mail. This freed up so much room on bookcases and tables, it looks so much cleaner which makes my head less cluttered also.

3. Clear out your closet, I got rid of probably 50% of my clothes and I can’t imagine having much more than I do now. I refresh my wardrobe with a few new pieces every few months but I get rid of probably 5-10 things a month. Make sure to donate any ones in good condition or sell them!

4. Go through your makeup drawer/ body care, there was so much that I never used or it was expired that I immediately decluttered. Some other stuff I gave to my sister or mom, other stuff I started using more often and others I sold. I started selling makeup as a way to start putting some more money into my blog and I’m so happy I can sell my makeup to people who will use it more than me! (sofiacollins on depop)

5. Unsubscribe in your email. This may be tedious but use and it is so easy. Getting hundreds of emails is no way to focus on things you want to see.  I get so overwhelmed when I’m looking for a specific email and it’s buried but hundred of spam stuff that I signed up for to get a coupon code.

6. Use your phone less, I got the app Moment to track how much time I spend on my phone every day. It’s crazy to see how much time I spend on social media every day instead of being productive.

7. Start relaxing, the app Calm has tons of different calming meditations to help you take a few minutes to yourself every day. Or even just take a minute before you fall asleep and just breathe in and out slowly with your mind clear.

8. Cut out unnecessary expenses like a beauty box you end up disappointed by every month, or a magazine you get but never read. Your money can get redirected to saving for a vacation or buying yourself a treat at the end of every month.

9. Eat healthier by simply drinking water instead of soda once a day or having fruit with your dinner. This makes me feel so much better about myself every time I do it.  Also, by replacing water with soda, you’ll save money!

10. Find your number one stressor and put work in to make it stress you out less. If it’s being late for work, adjust your morning routine to allow for extra time in the mornings. Find ways to make stressful things less stressful.

11. Get comfortable because there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable every day. If you feel self-conscious in the clothes you wear to work, try to find some that you love even if it costs a bit of money.

12. Learn to take breaks. While this is something I’m still working on (feeling bad about not being productive, I’m learning that it only stresses me out to not give myself breaks). Find a 20 minute show on Netflix or watch a YouTube video to give yourself a break if you do work at home.

13. Find a hobby that you really enjoy, like going to the gym or learning a new language.  Find something productive to do with your time that you really enjoy.  You will be excited to get off your phone and do it, and you’ll have something to fill your free time with if you have no other plans.

14. Get together a 1-night, 3-night, 5-night packing list (or whatever lengths you travel for most).  Go on Google Drive and type up a checklist that has everything from medicines to pack to a reminder to check the weather before you leave to how many pairs of socks you will probably need.  I almost always forget something but using a homemade packing list ensures it’s super tailored to you.

15.  Learn to spend your energy with friends that really appreciate you.  Get a solid circle of very trustworthy friends and kind of have tiers based on who is the most quality friends from there on out. Don’t waste your time and energy on people who don’t make time for you or answer your texts.  Stay close with those friends that you can count on to answer your “SOS” text in a matter of seconds rather than the ones that take 3 days to answer a simple “hey!” if they answer at all.

16. Slim down your skincare routine.  Some people have a very extensive skincare routine and that’s fine but there’s no doubt it’s easier to have a “skincare lite” routine for when you just can’t be bothered.  You could also take a look at your skincare and see what you think is actually working and what doesn’t seem to be doing much and go from there.  My skincare routine has gotten so simple this year, there’s no gimmicks, no fragrances, nothing fancy just basic products that work for me (see my Skincare Saviors post).

17. Life is so much easier when you learn to appreciate yourself.  Sometimes you don’t get appreciation from outside sources like friends and family so it’s a good idea to always make sure that you at least work to love yourself.  That can be hard so maybe just learn to be friends with yourself, find a few things you love about yourself that you can always feel good about.  Let’s say you love your eye color, or your ability to learn quickly, or maybe your taste in music makes you really happy.  Please take steps to learn to appreciate yourself more, I’ve worked so hard on it and what I’ve accomplished makes me so happy.

December is coming up soon, then the new year will be here.  I can’t believe my year-of-declutter has gone so fast, I think I might do it again.  Remember to come back every day of December for a new post!