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Never Mind The Ballistics Lush Bath Bomb

Yesterday I had a little pamper day with the Lush Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb and That 70s Show playing in the background.  I got this bath bomb as a birthday gift, you can see the whole haul here, and I have been waiting for the perfect mood to use it.

This bath bomb smells citrus-y with lime and sweet wild orange oils. The scent is so uplifting and goes right along with the positive colors that swirl through the bath.  The description says this bath bomb has “no holds barred energy” and this definitely made its way around the bath, twisting and creating pink and yellow spirals.  The pink and yellow eventually mixed together to create a deep orange color throughout the bath.  The water felt softer and my skin was so smooth after I got out.  If I can get my hands on another, I definitely will.  If you’re in a gloomy mood, this will lift you right out.