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2018 Beauty Goals

I did one of these last year and I really enjoyed how my beauty goals kind of directed my beauty vibe for the year: cut down, go natural. I really enjoyed that and spent so much less money on makeup than in years past (it’s for the best).  I also started paying attention to my skin more because I grew to hate full coverage foundation.  I got to the point in natural makeup where a medium coverage foundation made me uncomfortable in my skin, who would’ve thought. So I started taking more care of my skin and it was great! But here is what I’m trying to do this year.

Cut down like never before, only buy makeup when it’s necessary (a few exceptions are okay). I really need to work on just not buying more makeup and I did so well with that in 2017 (see a post here) but I still have so much. I can’t imagine how much I had at the beginning of 2017 anymore.  I enjoy going through and picking out a few things that I’ve rarely, if ever, used to give my sister every time I see her. It gives a place for my unused makeup (and convinces me to stop buying makeup I won’t use).  I need to cut down on skincare as well and right now I’m very steadily working through a lot of serums and moisturizers.  Also, I’ll be moving at the end of summer so the less I have to transport the better.

Keep up with expirations! In October I realized that one of my foundations was over a year past the expiration date and some of my concealers were also over a year old. Hello, reason for breakouts! Nice to finally meet you! After I tossed all that, my skin started steadily getting clearer so when it’s as easy as use what you have and use it quickly, I’m all for it.  This is also a good one to work on with eyeliners and mascaras as well, I always forget when I open eye products.

Have like 4 foundations, give or take. I found that I need a light base with SPF, a light-medium coverage or two, and a darker one for summer. If I can track down formulas I love for these categories I will be so set. My favorite light-medium coverage foundation has been discontinued and I just don’t know where to start to find a replacement. For now I bought 3 bottles at the only store I could find them in. Rimmel Match Perfection come baaaaack!!!!

Get into a rhythm with face masks.  I know that they are good for my skin and I notice a difference in my skin when I get into a regular schedule.  I have way too many face masks, so many that I can’t keep up with using them all before they go bad.  With this rhythm I want to work it down to 2 or 3 core face masks that I love and are in a good price range to repurchase.  I think I’m going to kick off the year with 30 days of face masks so I can see if there are any that irritate my skin and empty out a few that are on their last legs.

These are my beauty goals which I hope will really direct my whole beauty situation for the year.  I really hope to massively cut down and really find products that work for me.  Do you have any beauty goals for this year?

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