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2018 Goals

Before I get into what I want to do this year I think it’s important to look back on last year’s goals and see what I did well with and what I didn’t so I can really do well on these goals!

Last year, a goal of mine was to read more.  I read a few books and began a book by my favorite psychologist recently so I think I actually did alright with this.  I’m always striving to improve and get better so reading even more next year would be great.

Another goal was to declutter and use up makeup and I did really well with this!  I used up lots of makeup and threw out products that were expired.  I also made it a habit to hand things off to my sister which has kept things from piling up.  Trying new things is great but there comes a point when I just know I won’t use it and need to pass it off.

As for my desk, I really cleaned that up. I’ve been using up those pens that ~usually~ work and tossing them out, reorganizing drawers, and keeping the top clear.  I’ll be happy to keep this going next year by just using what I have and keeping it organized.

Less time on my phone went really well this year, I did a few detoxes and spent a lot less time on Instagram.  This is another one that is up for constant improvement but I did really well with it this year and I’m very proud of it!  You can read about my two days without a cell phone and how you can do a digital detox here.

Of course I finished a bunch of series including Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, That 70s Show, The Office, and Friends.  This year’s series include Parks and Recreation, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Vampire Diaries (again).  Vampire Diaries was such great show so I’ve been rewatching my favorite chunks of the show, I’m now on season 4!  Although I don’t loove Parks and Rec, I didn’t love The Office at first either so I’ll watch the whole thing anyway.

Now for this year’s goals…

  1. Have a full clear out.  I’m moving in August (although I don’t know where to) and it might be across the country so I need to seriously cut down on what I own.  From clothes to makeup and stationary I need to use it or lose it.  I’ve been working on cutting down for years and now is really the time to get serious about it.
  2. Save money like crazy.  Buying makeup is something that’s exciting for me but I think I need to slow it down to when I really need something or have a gift card.  Another place a lot of money goes is toward buying a cookie when I get coffee with friends.  I never eat the cookie and never want the cookie but I always buy the cookie. Stop. Buying. The cookie.  I’m traveling to Australia in March and going to college in August so I’ll need to save money this year.
  3. Spend a lot more time doing what I enjoy.  That includes blogging regularly and reading more and taking photos.  Spending time alone and doing what I love is very important for me which is something I learned this year.