2018 Pep Talk

It’s time for another fresh start.  Another year has passed, you made it!  This year had a mix of awesome accomplishments and unfortunate events.  It’s the good and the bad that make life interesting.  The bad lets us understand how special the good times are and the good gives us something to look forward to when we find ourselves in the midst of a dark time.  There were highs and lows in 2017 and there will be in 2018 too.  Learn to roll with the punches and enjoy the good times.

This is a time for reflection and resolution, reflect on what you’ve done well and what you didn’t do so well.  Then, resolve to do something this year that you want.  Whether it’s a classic resolution like “get healthier” or “fix my sleep schedule” or something specific like a list of achievements you want to accomplish during the year.

Once you write down what you want to do or where you want to be by the end of the year, plan how you’re going to get there.  Make a step-by-step plan, break it up into smaller goals that can help you get there.

This year, do what you plan.  Reward progress and continually be proud of how far you have come.  Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress and getting closer and closer to what you want this year.

You are tough enough to overcome anything.  There are choices that will have to be made but no matter where you end up by the end of the year, things will turn out okay.  Your life will be different by the end of the year but trust that everything will be okay.

Motivate yourself!  Get excited about what you want to do this year and find sources of inspiration that will last you all year.  Make Pinterest boards to motivate you, get a buddy on board, do what you can to get inspired.

Most of all, make yourself proud this year.  Do what you’ve always wanted to do.  Go out there and get it for yourself, don’t rely on anyone else to get you what you want.  Happy New Year, wishing you all a wonderful 2018!

And I’m linking my 2018 goals so I can come back and reread them all the time to stay motivated.  I did one of these pep talks last year and I found myself going back to it whenever I needed some extra motivation or a pick-me-up.  I hope these pep talks can be a source of motivation for you, too.  What are your goals this year, how are you reaching them?  What are your top 3 things you want to achieve this year?