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3 Things I’m Grateful For January 2018

So I wrote a personal post about my negativity problem and how I am working on really trying to gain a more positive mindset and you can see how I’m doing that here.  I think big part of that is realizing and appreciating all that I have to be grateful for.  To start that off, I’ll be doing a post of 3 things I am grateful for every month and writing a ton of posts on this topic which I’m calling my Positivity Diaries.  Here is what I am very thankful for this month!

  1. By working on judgmental tendencies and my negativity, I have already noticed less tension in my relationships and noticed that I spend a lot more time laughing and smiling.
  2. I got really amazing blog opportunities that I seriously can’t wait to share, it’s been really exciting for me so see an insane amount of growth over the last 3 weeks (still can’t believe it) and I’m really proud of all my progress!
  3. I have taken lots of steps toward controlling my headaches and I am very hopeful to see a lot of improvement in the next few weeks!

Even through writing this I am noticing the more positive light I am seeing things in lately.  I am incredibly committed to really change my mindset and becoming a more positive person!  You’ll be seeing a lot more posts about my journey toward becoming more positive on the blog, hopefully so many that I will fill an entire new category (Positivity Diaries) which you will be able to find under the “Lifestyle” tab in the menu!  Thank you all for reading and joining me on this journey, I hope you will join me and fill your world with a lot more happiness.