Refreshing My Space With New Wall Art

I have been on a long search for some prints and wall art in general for my bedroom/ blog workspace for a long time now, I’m talking years.  Whenever I find some that I love they’re always too expensive for me (shoutout to UO Home), but I started following Bliss Prints UK a while ago and was kindly gifted some prints to feature on my walls!  I’m not kidding you guys, these are the most affordable and quality prints you can find.  There’s almost 100 to choose from and the paper is really nice! If you love what you see, you can use my discount code (BTBB20) for 20% off your entire order, making them insanely affordable so you can stock up and rotate!

inhale, exhale

I’m always looking for new ways to change up my space whether it’s a new little plant or something new for my walls.  Recent additions include my little rose gold basket that holds my bedtime beauty routine and a little leaf jewelry dish to keep my go-tos close by.  I’m always rearranging things and searching for new little bits to decorate with but the one thing that’s always been on my list has got to be wall art.  Finally I have made some serious progress with my wall decor, adding little photo collections and these awesome prints.  I also got floating frames because they work for different sized prints and photos which I really love.

As soon as I saw this gorgeous inhale, exhale print I knew I had to have it.  I can find myself overwhelmed a lot of the time so to have this lovely print reminding me to just breathe has been helpful.  These are perfect for above my bed or on my bedside tables to make it a relaxing space for me.  I love the minimal vibe that all the prints from Bliss Prints UK give off, it’s simple and goes with any style you have your home decorated.  I’ve been firmly planted on the minimalism train for years now so to get some prints that reflect that is such a win.

I aim to make my bedroom a relaxing place with calming candles and colors so these prints were a perfect addition to the space, giving it the final touch to be a totally relaxing zone in my house.  Having these above my bedside table reminds me to take a few minutes before bed to breathe deeply and switch off from my phone and laptop.  I take a few minutes to put some of Lush’s Sleepy lotion on, spritz my pillows with Bath and Body Works Comfort Aromatherapy, and slather on Glossier Balm Dotcom as a little evening ritual and now I’ve got an extra reminder to fully relax during that time, not just watch a YouTube video.





think big

I also love having this one next to my world map because I’ve marked a ton of places I want to visit and it’s exciting to think that someday I might be in some of those cities!  With all the travel blogs I follow, it’s hard not to add new pins every week marking new cities that look absolutely stunning to visit.

I absolutely love thinking about my trip to Paris and Berlin that was almost two years ago.  I got my new Olympus camera just days before leaving and had no idea how to use it but I managed to take so many lovely pictures in a really cool style that I’m still proud of.  I have this one small wall area in my room that’s about 3 feet wide and I never knew quite what to do with it so I took a bunch of Paris and Berlin street photos and put them all around my think big print.  This wall is a serious motivator for me because I’ve always kind of wanted to move abroad so having some of my favorite places around a print telling me to make big plans keeps the hope alive.

A few weeks ago I got some prints made by Printiki* which is so awesome because you can print directly from Instagram and you can add borders that make them resemble polaroid photos!  My room has so many little collections of photos from all my vacations and it makes me so happy to look around and see reminders of all these experiences.  Printiki also has a super cute Instagram if you’re looking for photo wall inspo!  And by the way you can use this code for free shipping on your first purchase: EKZUW9BC.





Don’t forget to look around Bliss Prints UK if you’re looking for some prints because they are incredible and so affordable!  I think next on my wall decor list will be some colored patterned prints that have that same light blue, light peach color story that my room and blog both sport. Be sure to use my code BTBB20 for 20% off your entire purchase.  Where are your favorite places to get prints?  I’m always on the lookout!