International Women’s Day: TV Women That Inspire Me

I thought this would be a good way to celebrate women’s day, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix this winter and I think having strong female characters in TV shows is an amazing way to increase the level of positive female role models in media.  Side note, I’m aware I’m a bit late but better late than never, right?  Here are just a few of the amazing women inspiring me on TV.

Leslie Knope is the ultimate inspirational TV woman.  She shows nothing for support for her best friend Ann and will do anything for her.  On top of that she goes out there and puts in work to get exactly what she wants.  She stands up to sexist men in government and works to benefit her whole town tirelessly.

Pam Beesley is really inspiring to me because I can see so much of myself in early seasons Pam.  When she has a switch and decides to go after what she wants.  She ends up being more persistent with her goals, she follows her heart, and she becomes less afraid of speaking up for herself.  It’s amazing and seeing her transformation helps guide me to make lots of positive changes in my life.

Tyra Banks isn’t a character but if you watch America’s Next Top Model you will see how much she cares about each and every one of the models.  She pushes them to be strong, embrace their bodies, their looks, and work incredibly hard.  Tyra is strong, beautiful, intelligent, and a boss and I love her for it.

All the ladies on The Bold Type are so strong in their own ways.  From pushing for who and what they want, to working for justice for other people, to embracing sexuality.  This show is a quick and light watch but it’s so great to see these amazing women grow and change over the course of the first season.