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March Monthly Challenge: Clean Out

Instead of the way overdone New Year’s Resolution, I decided to come up with a theme for each month and for March I chose clean out. This month I want to focus on not buying anything and really using what I have. I have spent a lot more than I thought I would the past two months on makeup and skincare considering that I have enough of both to last me quite literally years.

This month’s goals:

  • Use up at least 6 makeup/haircare/skincare products
  • Use 10 foil skincare and haircare samples
  • Throw out all old makeup even if I love it
  • Have a closet clear out and donate 6 bags of unloved clothing
  • Donate any personal care and body care items I won’t use to shelters
  • Do. Not. Buy. Anything.

Hopefully with these goals I can get through some of my beauty stash and clean out some old products. I also need to save up some money so this month I really want to pull back on the spending as much as possible.

Something that doesn’t really go with my monthly challenge but I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is trying to keep in touch with friends and family I don’t see often so this month I want to try to send a note or text to someone out of my usual circle at least twice a week.

I’ve also been wanting to get back into using my crystals. I have them all on a little silver tray next to my bed but hardly take the time to pay any attention to them. Starting this month I’m going to make a little log of all my crystals in my bullet journal and carry one with me at all times.