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May Goals and Intentions

April’s challenge was to spend a lot more time reading and for some types of reading I did! I got back into reading blogs a lot more which I have always enjoyed and read a few news articles online every day. As for the books, I finished 2 and put some minimal effort into finishing a third but didn’t get there. I think I was mostly wanting to get back into keeping up with the news and blogs which I definitely did, so I’m happy how that turned out.

For May, I have already broken my promise of a beauty-product no-buy. This month lines up with the semi-annual Sephora sale so I picked up a few things but will do my best to buy no more. I also would love to finish up a ton of products that I own now, I’ve already used up the last bits of 3 or 4 items in the past few days.

Overall for May I just want to spend more time on the things that make me happy and the people I enjoy being around. I have spent a lot of the past many months being pretty sad and feeling cut off from a lot of the hobbies/ people that made me so happy in the past. Whenever I do spend time painting, reading, outside, cooking, or working out I do feel better and I know once I’m home from college I’ll be a lot more motivated to do those things. I’ve got a very packed May, 3 trips over 3 weeks starting 2 days after moving home from college but I’m excited to be busy and surrounded by people I love.

I’m aiming to cook a new recipe for dinner at least once or twice a week since I have honestly been shocked by how my routine has been so shaken by the lack of a kitchen in the dorms. I’ve been settling for food that doesn’t bring joy (sounds so Marie Kondo but so true) and is so unhealthy. I can’t wait to go home and use a refrigerator that doesn’t let my berries get moldy within a day and a stove for spaghetti instead of microwave Mac and cheese in a styrofoam cup. Food is a much bigger part of my life than I ever realized, I even have dreams about cooking.