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6 Things I’m Thankful For

I wanted to write a post listing some things I’m thankful for because it was Thanksgiving last week and it always helps me get in a Christmas-y mood by being thankful for the people, places, and things around me.

Creative Time

I spend a lot more of my free time painting and being creative than I did before mainly because I’m taking an art class this semester. Having art for homework gets me in the creative mindset that inspires me to do some art projects outside of the required ones. Lately it’s been painting lots of watercolor greeting cards for family and friends and especially spending time on decorating the envelopes to mail them in! I’m so excited to decorate my apartment for Christmas and get to wrap all my Christmas gifts!

My New Job

My new job is such an amazing place to be. I’m working on research that aims to use neuroscience to help people become more emotionally aware and intelligent and use science to make people feel better through mindfulness interventions and coping techniques. (Download our mindfulness app Healthy Minds on the app store!!)


Yoga has changed so many aspects of my life but especially the yoga studios that I’m part of. While I was looking for a studio near my apartment, I went to a few and some were so unwelcoming, negative, and exclusive feeling. Needless to say I went with one that has bright orange walls, huge windows, a wide range of instructors and class types, friendly instructors and members, and is so welcoming to everyone. Yoga brings me such a sense of calm and my studio’s fitness classes (barre and HIIT) make me feel so strong and empowered.

Good Food

So so thankful for good food and being able to cook my own meals. Having a kitchen has been a huge stress reliever because I don’t have to eat at certain times based on when the dining halls are open or choose between a pre-specified list of meals. Now I have the freedom to cook whatever I want, when I want. I can read cooking blogs (NYTimes Cooking <3) and pick out something that sounds AMAZING. Baking is also a way to take a break from school and work so I’ve been making lots of cookies lately. I’m such a foodie and regaining control over my diet makes me feel so much better about what I’m eating and makes me feel so much more in control of other areas of my life as well.

Peaceful Mornings

Most days I have until 10 until I need to start getting ready so I enjoy getting up around 8 and making breakfast, reading with a cup of tea, and enjoying a slow and quiet morning. Mornings like this put me in a good mood and gives my days a sense of calm and control. Chaotic mornings when I wake up late leave me feeling flustered for the whole day.

Cozy Nights In

Nothing is more restorative (other than my weekly mindfulness/yoga aromatherapy session at my yoga studio Friday after class) than a cozy night in with friends. Ordering takeout and having hot yummy beverages with a nice docu on while we chat sounds like such a great night to me. Shows we’ve been watching lately: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix, The Biggest Little Farm on Hulu, and everything on Disney+.