Holiday Gift Guide 2020

This year, I’ve been trying my best to support local businesses with all the gifts that I buy for my friends and family. But, I’ve seen some really innovative, sustainable brands online that I’ve been supporting as well. Here’s a short but very quality list of some gifts that I’ve purchased for friends, family, and maybe even myself!

Girlfriend Collective

I first found out about this brand through The Anna Edit and made my first purchase a few weeks ago. I picked up the Topanga Bra, Compressive High-Rise Leggings, and Please Vote socks (no longer available, here are similar). Unfortunately, the fit on the leggings didn’t work for me (the hardest fit and trying to make it work online? not great). But, the sports bra is now my favorite that I own and I absolutely love the socks. I ended up exchanging the leggings for their Classic Hoodie in Ecru and I love the quality and softness.

This brand uses recycled plastic bottles to make the fabric for many of their pieces and they are in a really awesome growing stage, putting out a lot of new products in great colors and keeping it sustainable. Best of all, when your items are worn out, you can ship them back for a gift card!

Keep Your Cadence Capsules

I got these for my sister this year because they are perfect for travel or just throwing in your purse for the day to avoid having to purchase any of those wasteful (and frankly, expensive) travel sized products. They’re magnetic tubs that you can fill with vitamins, rings, and decanted beauty products so they all stick together in an orderly fashion in a bag. They also have customizable labels that can have pictures or words on them. While these are expensive, just think of how much more simple it would be to have wide-mouth tubs for all of your travel products instead of those squeeze tubes that leave a lot of product unused.

Face Halo

I am truly amazed by these round makeup-removing cloths. They have special fabric that grabs onto makeup with nothing but water. Then, you just have to give it a little hand soap (or face wash if yours isn’t too $$) and all the makeup washes right out! They come in regular (white) or pro (black). I’m perfectly happy with the white but you might want black if you’ll be using it for mascara or things that might leave a little pigment behind.

Mate The Label

I have to admit I haven’t ordered anything from this brand (yet) but I have my eye on the Bone Organic Thermal Wide Leg Pant. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. Everything on this site just gives off such a comfortable but put together look which is what I think we all need while working from home.