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October Goals!

Hello lovelies! A few days late, I have a few goals for this October.  I only have a few but I want to work really hard on these and really focus, let’s get started!

  1. Stay calm.  Lately I have been really stressed out and I really want to make sure to make time for myself and stop procrastinating!  Procrastination is a huge cause of stress for me and I’d really love to get a handle on that!  As a marker of how busy and stressed out I’ve been, it’s the 7th of October and I still have my September calendar as my wallpaper on my laptop.  It’s bad guys.
  2. Use my phone less.  I would love to cut my screen time in half but slowly!  Shortening the amount of time I am on my phone will help me stay focused, cut down on procrastination, and probably help my eyes in the long run.  It also helps my sleep when I don’t spend as much time on my phone.
  3. Drink lots of water!  My skin has been very dry lately so I’m trying to drink at least one full bottle of water each day because some days I drink less than half!  It’s wrecking havoc on my skin so I’d like to get my hydration back to normal! I never realized how important it was to drink a lot of water until I noticed how much it impacted my skin!