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February Goals 2016

It’s time again to set February goals, although I’m still working hard on my New Year’s Resolutions (I always set them but rarely keep them).

February Goals 2016 | Born To Be Bright

  1. Be more talkative.  Overall I want to get into the habit of talking to people outside my normal circle more often.  I have noticed especially through the past few weeks that it’s a skill I need to work on a lot more.
  2. Get more relaxed.  I’m seriously considering investing in a few more of Andrew Johnson’s apps.  While I was searching the App Store last night I read that apparently he’s a hypnotherapist which sounds scary but the synonym for hypnotherapy they use is “guided relaxation” so it’s not scary at all.  These apps have been incredibly useful so I’m thinking of getting Stress Less and possibly Deep Sleep.
  3. Get more use out of the products I own.  I always make lists of products I want to try to use more each month and I want to keep doing that through February.  I did a no-buy in January (not too successful) which helped me use up some things but not as many as I was expecting.  Although I won’t be on a no-buy for February, I still want to try to use up a few products that I’ve been holding on to for too long.
  4. Procrastinate less.  I’m not sure if I talked about it on the blog or not but all of December I went without Snapchat and most of January I went without Instagram to try to develop the habit of not being as dependent on them.  I also deleted Bloglovin and WordPress off my phone for 2 weeks to further the experiment.  For Snapchat it 100% worked because I realized that I didn’t actually need it and I now specifically avoid certain people’s stories that I know will make me upset, a big step I think.  Now that Bloglovin, Snapchat and Instagram are back, I need to figure out how to have those apps but not go on them as much.

What are your February goals?