3rd Blogiversary!

I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to think of a theme for this blogiversary post.  I just went back and read last years’ post and the year before that.  It’s an amazing thing having so much of myself documented on here.  Going back and reading the words that I wrote 3 years ago is so incredible to think about.

This blog is a place that’s purely mine.  There is nothing I could be more grateful for than having this place, this hobby, this creative outlet to pursue and have it be 100% me.  No one influences me on here.

3rd Blogiversary | Born To Be Bright

I can’t even think of how many hours I’ve spent doing something I love so much.  I’m so lucky to do something that I enjoy so much every day, to have a place to be creative, to procrastinate productively.

My 3rd blogiversary is an incredibly special day for me, I feel so proud of all I’ve accomplished this year.  I started off my third year of blogging with planning a relaunch which included going through every post I’ve ever written and deleting the ones that made me cringe, moving everything to alone, learning code, and refocusing my content, while overhauling all my social media.  I was so much work but so rewarding.  After my blog launched on January 1, I went to work writing and brainstorming new content that fit.  This summer I dedicated more time than ever to my blog and it helped me find what I like to write.

I found so many new friends this year through blogging.  Between Twitter chats, reading new blogs (I follow 412 blogs on bloglovin’ alone), and making a point of not being too shy to comment on posts, I made a lot of friends.  I’m always open to new friends, so leave your social media links below so I can follow you!  Mine are to the right on my sidebar if you’re ever looking for me.

This is my first blogiversary that I’ve had my new blog name and while you can read all about that here and here, I want to give both of us a refresher on that.  Born To Be Bright means be yourself.  You were born to be who you are, exactly how you want to be.  Be bright in your personality, the way you carry yourself, everything you do.  If your definition of “bright” is black, white, and grey minimalism, that’s awesome so is mine.  If your definition of “bright” is all the colors, that’s great or if it’s somewhere between, that’s great too.  It’s all about being who you are, living your life by your own rules.

Whether you’ve been here before or you’re just joining the party, I’m happy you’re here. I hope you enjoy your time looking around, I’ve worked so hard on everything here.  Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and to support me, I really appreciate it.

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