4 Ways I’m Becoming Healthier

We all make that same New Years’ Resolution to become healthier every year.  This summer I got on top of that and started doing things that are good for my mind and body.

Ways I'm Becoming Healthier | Born To Be Bright

We all know how important it is to drink a lot of water, but sometimes it’s hard to fit it into our routines.  I wrote a post last week on 3 ways to up your water intake and those tips have helped me go from 8 oz. a day to about 48-64 oz.  My skin looks brighter, my hair grows faster, my nails are stronger, and I have so much more energy.

Exercising is something that I enjoy but usually don’t have the motivation to do.  Blogilates is a great YouTube channel that’s full of amazing home workouts that are only a few minutes long.

Making sure to get outside has helped me a lot just in feeling happier.  I start feeling a bit blue when I spend the day inside.  The easiest way to go outside when I don’t feel like it is to do something I was already going to do, like read a book, and sit in my back yard.  I love just being outside so that’s a great way to get outside.  Get together with a friend and take a walk, even if it’s to an ice cream place.

I’ve tried to eat healthier, although it might seem ~*trendy*~ I enjoyed smoothie bowls this summer.  They are so full of fruit and taste so good while being good for me.  For lunch I occasionally cut up a ton of fruits and vegetables instead of eating mac n’ cheese.  I feel so good when I eat really healthfully so I need to make that more of a habit.

I love how you can watch what you’re putting into your body when you make things from scratch.  Who knows what half of the ingredients are in prepackaged foods but I can name everything I put in my meals.  If you’re looking to cut down on sugar or salt , cooking your own meals is the easiest way.

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