10 Collections to Put in Your Bullet Journal

I’ve written a few posts on my blog bullet journal now, so I’ve got a little series going.  You can see all three posts here.  I love my bullet journal and I would be so lost without it.  I love the daily and monthly logs, but the real fun is in the collections.  These can be anything you want: lists of quotes, drawings, lists of anything really.  These are my top 10 collection ideas.

10 Collections to Put in Your Bullet Journal - Born To Be Bright1. Attach an envelope that you keep pieces of paper for future goals on.  I’m one of those people who starts thinking of new year’s resolutions in June, so I keep them all in here. When I open these in late December I’ll be ready to go with a huge list of goals.

2. Another good goal-oriented one is a page after each of your monthly logs with your goals and actionable steps to complete them.  The steps are the most important part because it’s so hard to do something without knowing how to start.

3. Progress on a hobby you’re just beginning.  It could be learning a language with spots for grammar, vocab, speaking, listening, and writing.  Or it might be a sport with all the different things you need to work on to improve.  It might be exercise accountability with spaces for different exercise types like running, abs, legs, and arms.  This brings me to #4.

10 Collections to Put in Your Bullet Journal - Born To Be Bright

4. Couch to 5k (or Couch to 10k once you finish that).  Write out the set tasks for each week with 3 checkboxes next to each week.  This keeps you accountable for what you are and aren’t doing.

5. A calendar specifically set aside for keeping track of good (and bad) habits.  Have a color for each habit and color a stripe across each day that you do it.  This way you can see patterns based on days of the week and your momentum so you can work on doing your habit more (or less).  Examples of these habits are: spending over 90 minutes on your phone, exercising, drinking alcohol, going to bed early/late.

6. Blog designs or website designs you like if you’re a blogger.  This is a great way to pool inspiration for your own site.  You can also write down the web designers behind those blog designs for future reference.

10 Collections to Put in Your Bullet Journal - Born To Be Bright

7. TV show progress is one that I LOVE, I write out each show I’m watching with how many episodes in each season and color over each number with a highlighter as I watch the episode.  I love seeing how close I am to finishing a season or show (and how much time I’m wasting on Netflix).

8. Books read is another good progress one.  I drew a bookshelf with stacks of books.  Every time I finish a book, I write in the name and I love seeing it fill up.

9. A bucket list is a classic collection, add everything you want to do, everywhere you want to go, and every concert you want to go to.  Seeing those things crossed off is such an accomplishment.

10. One that’s gotten really popular on Pinterest is a Kon Mari page, with everything you want to organize, clean out, and go through.  Examples are pens, makeup, clothes, shoes, craft supplies, etc.