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Autumn Goals 2017

Instead of doing my classic “Monthly Goals” post I thought I’d do one for the rest of the year.  It’s crazy that I can chunk together the rest of 2017 because it has seemed so long and full but also so fast.  I want the end of this year to be full of taking chances, saying why not, and living it to the fullest.  These goals aren’t easy and they’re definitely things I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  Challenge yourself with me for the last few months of this year so we can  be proud of who we are and how far we came this year. Here are my Autumn goals.

The first thing that I’m really looking forward to doing is deleting Instagram.  It’s a major time-suck for me and all I really do on it is scroll through that explore page for way too long.  For a few weeks, I’m deleting Instagram off my phone to free up more time to blog while I’m in school and get out of the habit of scrolling through my phone non-stop.  I did this for a few months last year and I always really enjoyed it for the time that I did it.

Secondly, I’m getting a real workout schedule together.  I’m working out at least 2 times a week properly (plus my daily squats) with a full routine.  Working out is fun it’s just finding the motivation to keep going that always gets me.  I have 4 different full workouts planned so I can rotate and never get bored.  I feel motivated and strong when I workout and that’s a feeling I’d like to experience more.

Next, I’m going to be super adamant about drinking tons of water.  My goal is 64oz of water every day (from 6AM to 11PM).  If I don’t get up to 64oz I won’t force myself to chug 20oz as I’m falling asleep, I’m lenient. But it’s a great habit to get into and it will totally help prevent those headaches I get most days.  Look at that, just got up and got myself a bottle of water, good job Sofia!

Finally, I need a blog goal to keep me going in my Autumn goals.  Like I did last year, I’m aiming for Monday and Thursday evenings to post.  Hopefully I can photograph at least two posts every weekend then write posts whenever I have time.  My writing goal is Sunday night and Saturday mornings to even try to get a draft together. I’m looking forward to managing my time well enough that I can accomplish this goal and all my other ones.

Hopefully my Autumn goals will help me up my health and productivity, all things we could all benefit from improving.  I’m really working on creating more routine so I can fit everything I want to do in my day.