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My Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

This is the week of the year that I go back in time and reflect on 2016 and go forward and make goals for the new year.  Today I’m linking a few of my favorite posts from 2016.  I was looking through my archives and it was so fun to see how I’ve grown this year.

Welcome Back!

I loved writing my Welcome Back post when I relaunched my blog on January 1 of last year.  I remember spending so much time on this to get everything just how I wanted it to sound.

My No Makeup Challenge

This post is one of my favorites on the whole blog.  Doing this little challenge changed my entire outlook on pretty much everything and now I’m more likely to go out without makeup on and I have felt much more confident since then.  This was also one of my most popular posts and I do re-read this one sometimes.

If I Could Only Keep 10 Items Challenge

I really liked the picture on this one but I especially loved the minimalism-inspired challenge.  I literally took that makeup bag over to my makeup and picked up the first 10 things that came to mind.  I think the items would be just slightly different now because I don’t wear eyeliner too much anymore and I’ve gotten some amazing new base makeup.

Foreo Luna Play Review

This was another one that I took with my new camera and I loved how the photos turned out.  I was also so excited to write this because the Foreo truly changed my skin care.  I can’t go more than 2 days without using this and it has made such a huge impact on my makeup.

Facial Mist Guide

I love how bright these photos are and I really liked writing this one.  Mists have become a big part of my makeup and skin care routines and half those mists were from Paris so I was excited to write about those.

3rd Blogiversary!

I always love writing the blogiversary ones, it makes me so proud of myself that I’ve been doing this for so long.

My Skincare Saviors

I really liked the picture for this one and I realized that I kind of like writing about skin care even though I initially planned to avoid writing about skin care on my blog.  I’ve definitely thrown that out the window now.

A Little Lush Haul

Lush products are so photogenic, Lush doesn’t even need to advertise since bloggers and vloggers do it for them!  They are some of my favorite things to photograph and write about.

A Very Lush Christmas

I love taking Lush photos, they’re always colorful and they always look cohesive no matter what colors or shapes they are. These were some of my Christmas gifts this year and these products were some of my favorites to write about.

Naked Makeup

I loved these photos and I wear this “naked” makeup look pretty much every day.  I love writing about the products I can always rely on because the words just come naturally about those products.

French and German Beauty Buys

This was another favorite because it was about my French and German beauty purchases.  I loved shopping there so coming home and writing about them was so fun.

Workspace Essentials

I loved the photos in this one and I liked writing about my workspace because it’s my blogging space for the most part (I’m on my couch right now, but usually the desk is where I go).

These are a few of my favorite blog posts for 2016, I’m looking forward to 2017’s blog posts so much!  Happy New Year!