Blog Favorites

Favorite Posts of 2017

I love reflecting on all my blog progress in the year.  Everything from my photos to my writing style and content choices has improved so much and I continually get more and more passionate about my blog.  I’m beginning 2018 by thinking about how far I came in 2017 and getting inspired by the progress I’ve made and the content I’ve loved.  If anything catches your eye you can click the photos or the links to take a trip down memory lane with me!

This year especially I became more personal with what I’m writing on my blog in posts like these:

What To Do When You’re Overwhelmed – I’ve gone back and read this post multiple times this year when I find myself overwhelmed.

Learning To Disconnect – The beginning of my near-obsession with getting off my phone and spending less time on social media.

Spring Clean Your Makeup

Why and How To Clean Out Your Makeup and Wardrobe – A little taste of my minimalism quest.

4 Ways to Do a Digital Detox – Before I even saw this term in every single tweet on my timeline over Christmas

And I did some more lifestyle type posts that I really liked writing:

All About My Wax Warmer – One of my favorites of the year since I love my wax warmer too much and had a great time writing about it.

How I’m Getting Hygge With It This Winter – I think this was my favorite post of the year on my blog.  This was a new concept that I was exploring on my own and all of the sudden I was like “wait, this is what my blog is for“.  I loved writing this post and I’m having a great time living more hygge this winter, I can’t wait to write more about hygge.

A Plant Photo Diary

Bringing Summer Inside – A Plant Photo Diary – I love all my little plants and mostly I just wanted to play around with my camera and see what kind of pretty photos I could take of all my plants with this one.

Bath and Body Works Pillow Mist

Bedtime Essentials – I loved writing this one about my bedtime essentials because my sleep is very important to me so I really have made it a whole routine to make my sleep the best I can.

I also gained some new avenues of interest for my beauty routine:

How To Sneak SPF Into Your Routine This Summer – I loved exploring SPF more this summer and all the different ways it can be effortlessly included in anyone’s routine to keep your skin safe.  Even now, in mid-winter, I still use some of these products because the sun’s rays are always there!

Cruelty Free Favorites - Urban Decay Eyeshadows

High End Cruelty-Free Favorites – I liked researching this post a lot since I always want to support people and brands that are doing good things!  After writing this I have definitely gained respect for some brands and began to purchase more from brands that are cruelty-free!  I’m thinking about doing a few more posts like this (vegan products, drugstore cruelty free, etc).

A Lush Haul - Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil

A Lush Haul – In this one I wrote a lot about Lush’s values and how they work really hard to be environmentally careful and how I’m trying to do that too.  The “naked” bath products, no packaging on their shampoo and conditioner bars, it all adds up!  I also absolutely love this one for the photos, they’re some of my favorite from this year just because there’s so many different colors!

And some I love because they were fun and real to write, and some because I loved how the photos turned out (thank you Olympus EPL6 for upping my photos):

Colourpop's Yes, Please! Palette

Colourpop’s Yes Please! Palette – This palette was featured in my yearly favorites mostly because of that eggplant shade, the cranberry, and the warm brown (bright yellow also was a good one).  I also like these pictures because this palette is so photogenic!

Glossier Haul – NYC Showroom – I loved this post and the photos, the stickers that come with every purchase allow these products to become your own.  They’re so pretty and they work so well, how can you not love Glossier!

The 5 Minute, 3 Product Face

5 Product, 3 Minute “Late” Face – This post is too real for me.  I do this exact routine when I need to be out the door, and I am grieving the loss of this concealer since I used up every single bit.  I also liked the contrast in these photos, something about that light background with darker colored products really catches my eye.

Glossier balm dotcom

The One Where I Try Glossier – It may only be one product but I was playing around with my camera and this lip balm just to play with the settings and I loved the photos with the pretty green backgrounds.  This is also my favorite lip balm ever so I think it deserves its own post.

That Subtle Lit-From-Within Look – I loved these photos.  I also enjoyed looking at all the different ways to get a super natural highlight since that is what I almost always go for.  RIP BareMinerals Well-Rested, you are missed dearly.

3 Products To Look More Awake – I liked the muted tones of these photos and definitely needed this post when I wrote it.  Very tired, corrector = necessary.

I had a lot of posts I really loved this year and I can’t wait for a whole year of more posts and content!  Happy New Year!